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Monday, October 23, 2006

#7 Technology Free-for-All

MP3 players rock! Teresa just got her Learning 2.0 MP3 player (kudos!) and I now have techno-lust (as either Michael Stephens or Michael Casey said at the Tech Summit). So...I'm back in the game and have a busy technology-driven week ahead of me.

I did a MySpace program last week for teens (mostly middle schoolers) and I was surprised by how little experience they had with some of the cool technology that's out there - two girls didn't even know what a blog was! They really enjoyed the MySpace program and when I mentioned doing a blogging program and other technology programs throughout the year they were ecstatic! I have a blogging program planned and will hopefully use some of my recently honed Learning 2.0 skills (flickr, avatars, etc.) and create some really awesome teen programs.

Even with Learning 2.0 it's all about paying it forward!

Hopefully Cornelius will have wi-fi by the time I embark on my technology expedition with the teens. **cough, cough, hint, hint**


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