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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Technorati's pretty cool - tons of blogs at your fingertips!

After doing the three different searches for "Learning 2.0," I do have a better understanding of the way tagging works and the ways in which different types of tagging produce different search results. I got a really specific listing of blogs (including those by several PLCMC-ers) when I searched for "Learning 2.0" under "blog directory." When searching for "Learning 2.0" under "in tags," I still get a manageable number of results related to technology and the first couple of results are from Serena (talknerd) a PLCMC-er and I can link directly to her blog, which is pretty cool. Searching "Learning 2.0" in "blog posts" returns a tremendous list of results because it looks for the words "learning" and "2.0" in any blog post that's out there and registered with Technorati. That means that a broad list of results were returned and they were not specifically related to the Learning 2.0 concept. Searching under a "blog directory" is the way to go if you're looking for something specific!

In general, I'm really impressed with the layout and user-friendliness of the Technorati homepage. It made it so easy to find updated info. on popular searches, tags and blogs. Since today's Halloween, I click on "halloween" as a popular search and got tons of results. Technorati is definitely a fast and easily accessible tool that we can use to keep track of what's happening and what ordinary folks are thinking throughout the world.


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