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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Web 2.0 tools!

I can definitely see why these are award winners - they're awesome!

I'm a huge fan of facebook and was a definite facebook procrastinator while in college.

I'd also heard about meebo at our last Teen Services meeting. I think meebo is so cool because it is compatible with several different instant messaging services - yahoo, MSN, AIM and it allows all of these users to collaborate and communicate.

I was searching for an award winner that was totally new - so I opted to check out hipcal - an online calendar and organization tool. It seems like it would be really useful and much easier to navigate than my Outlook calendar. Plus, it has a cute little hippo for its logo :)

I'm also a fan of these sites that allow you to explore as a demo user. While I'll definitely come back to some of the things I've used throughout our Learning 2.0 journey, I may never log into others again. I like the sites that allows users a chance to explore and just play around!


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