My Little Corner of the World

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I've reached my 23rd thing!! WooHoooo! Definitely squeezing in just before that noon deadline!

I think Learning 2.0 has been such a great experience - I feel in the loop, more informed and definitely feel that my knowledge base has been expanded quite a bit.

Since I've done most of the exercises in the past few weeks, I hope that when the next discovery program comes along I'll remember to take time out each week to complete and reflects on the tasks.

I thought this discovery program was going to be a breeze (and, for the most part, it has been) but I really liked that it challenged to point, click, think and explore outside of my online comfort zone.

I'm definitely geared up for another discovery program and set of tasks - bring it on!


I'm almost there - checking out NetLibrary and all! I've been to the workshops on Downloadable Audio Books and was initially really excited about this service but...then I actually checked out NetLibrary and discovered that they didn't have anything I cared about listening to. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I realize that NetLibrary's offerings are dependent upon Recorded Books, various publishing companies and copyright laws, but, geez, they've gotta get some updated titles.

With that in mind, I was super excited PLCMC was also subscribing to OverDrive and was also pretty geared up after the OverDrive session at Staff Day but...then I actually checked it out and didn't find anything of particular interest to me there either. I did find the site layout and design more user friendly than NetLibrary, though. Perhaps I'm being picky but I don't think it's too much to ask for a few bestsellers and cool tunes. I was especially disappointed in the teen section as it only contains classic literature titles. Honestly, how many teens are going to be excited by Huck Finn?

I'll remain optimistic and hope that NetLibrary and OverDrive get their acts together and have something cool for me to listen to. Until then...I'll stick with my MP3 player for music and podcasts.


So, occasionally I'll scroll through the podcast listings on my itunes but am not usually motivated enough to listen to anything - I just stick with my music. After explore Yahoo podcasts today it seems like there's a lot of pretty cool stuff out there. Perhaps my new MP3 player will be devoted to podcasts, and NetLibrary and OverDrive materials.

I'll linked a motivational exercise and fitness podcast series to my bloglines - so simple! Hopefully, I'll actually start listening to the episodes and using my gym membership again.